Aniah’s Heart is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Angela Harris in July of 2020.

After the tragic loss of her daughter, Aniah Blanchard, Angela appeared on several local and national television, radio and social media platforms telling her daughters story and fighting for Aniah’s Law. Angela’s sincere heart touched many people!

Angela, while grieving herself, inspired others with, transparency, strength and love. People with similar situations gravitated to her looking for understanding, comfort, and support. Angela continued to answer calls and help in any way she could, sometimes by simply being there.

Realizing what a difference she made, how many people were hurting and going through similar tragedies, Angela set out to make an impact by spreading awareness and educating anyone that would listen. 

The incidence of violent acts threatening the safety of young women, children and adults is rising at an alarming rate.

Angela says that if she can prevent just one person, just one child from violent harm, then she has done what she set out to do!